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As a retired NYPD Detective and experienced home renovator, Rick is no stranger to leading investigations (which is really what a home inspection is) and knowing the unique intricacies each home presents. He leads an exhaustive search to discover any issues in both the interior and exterior of the home and then documents each concern with videos and photographs, also noting valuable home maintenance tips. From new construction to historic properties, Rick is the inspector you want searching for this critical information. He presents everything in a professional yet personalized, non-alarming manner and truly enjoys helping people learn about their current or prospective homes.

Lori Doherty is the other half of this husband & wife family business and she brings to it extensive experience in client services, having had careers in management & non-profit fields. She personally responds to all client and agent calls and emails and helps coordinate each inspection, radon test, and pest inspection so that all run smoothly. Prior to each inspection, she provides clients with a detailed overview of what to expect throughout the inspection process, which is especially valuable to first-time home buyers.


INSPECTION SERVICES OFFERED in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and Surrounding Areas


Pre-Purchase Residential Inspections

We make sure you understand the major systems of the house you’re about to call home, including townhouses and condos. In addition, our pictures AND videos included in every report serve as very powerful communication tools when negotiating with sellers and their agents.

Pre-Listing Residential Inspections

If you are getting ready to sell your home and would like to have its condition assessed beforehand so you know what to address, Doherty Home Inspections is here to help. 

Home Maintenance

Our maintenance inspections include all the items in a regular inspection, including roof, plumbing, electrical, foundation, attic, and building structure assessment. Plus we pay particular attention to any concerns you may have noted while living in the home.

New Construction Inspections

A newly constructed home doesn’t mean there won’t be any concerns or issues. You deserve to move into a house where every accessible outlet, window, and faucet (among a thousand other items) is checked and in good working order. This exceeds the NC Standards of Practice (and we do it for all inspections) which means it takes us a little longer to inspect, but trust us – you don’t want the fastest inspector, you want the most thorough.

End of Warranty (11th Month) Inspections

Most builders offer a one year warranty on a new home and during the 11th month is when you should take full advantage of this warranty by discovering any issues that have developed during the year. We perform a full home inspection so you’ll have all the information you’ll need before your warranty expires.

Additional Services

  • Pest/Termite Inspections including the WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Report.

  • Radon Testing – Continuous 48-Hour Radon Testing with 6 built-in radon detectors taking air samples on the hour, every hour.

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing – Air sampling tests to discover if mold is present in the home

What to Expect From Your Inspection​

We use the latest tools and technology such as thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers, wood moisture meters, and outlet testers to provide you with multiple sources of information for a more complete inspection. Whether you are looking for a pre-purchase inspection, new construction inspection, or it’s been awhile and you need a thorough maintenance inspection, we are prepared with the right tools and technology.

Infrared Thermometer
Flir Thermal Imaging
Outlet Receptacle Tester
Pinless Moisture Meter

Wondering what’s included in a standard home inspection from Doherty Home Inspections? Here is a quick overview of the services included in your home inspection, and the major systems that we analyze and assess throughout the process.

Built-In Appliances

Dishwasher, garbage disposal, range hood, range or oven, cooktop, built-in microwave, bathroom exhaust fans, and other built-in appliances.

Electrical Systems

Service entrance and panels, branch circuits, connected devices and fixtures, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and making sure appropriate outlets are GFCI-protected.

Exterior & Structural Systems​

Siding and trim, foundations, grading & drainage, crawl spaces, basements, walkways, floors, walls, ceiling and attic structures, decks, porches, and balconies.


Fixtures and faucets, visible water supply systems, drain, waste and vent systems, water heater, vents, flues and chimneys.


Roof coverings, drainage systems, eaves, soffits and fascia, flashings and skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations (where accessible).

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Heating and cooling equipment (seasonally dependent), ducts, vents and flues.

Modern Home Inspection Reports
Designed with YOU in Mind

Our reports are easy to digest and understand, and are broken into individual sections, such as Interior, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, and so on. This makes it easy for you to review our findings. 


High-quality IMAGES and VIDEOS in HTML and PDF formats. Inspector-narrated videos showing leaks, unstable support beams and railings, etc. are very powerful negotiation tools and we are one of the few inspectors in the area that offer this service.

Review of Findings

We go through the report and findings with you and your agent at the walkthrough following the inspection or via call or FaceTime. Your report is NOT just a list of concerns - it's a manual to your home that includes identification and pictures of major components (HVAC, water heater, etc.) and their labels, siding type, roofing material, plumbing type, and much more.

Reports Emailed the Next Day

Our full, visual report is typically emailed the next day following the inspection and can be viewed on phone or tablet (although for the best experience, we also recommend viewing it on a PC).

See What Our Clients Say!

Matthew Husted Avatar
5 out of 5 stars
Matthew Husted
5/12/2021 - Google

Excellent service and communication.

Todd U Avatar
5 out of 5 stars
Todd U
5/07/2021 - Google

My real estate broker recommended dohertys. They did the bug/ radon/ and home inspection for a home in the due diligence period. I hate to compare them to mike holmes on DIY, but they were equally qialified and went above and beyond most home inspectors. Every penny was worth it.... read more

Kathleen Garrity Avatar
5 out of 5 stars
Kathleen Garrity
5/06/2021 - Google

We used Doherty Home Inspections prior to the purchase of our new home.Rick and Lori are husband and I were so well cared for...just fantastic...Rick is the consummate professional...his expertise allowed us to feel confident about the new home. Lori's administrative guidance behind the scene made all the... read more

90+ 5-star reviews

Working With Our Agent Partners Since 2017

Rather than old-fashioned paper reports, we use Spectora, a next-generation web-based reporting platform that generates shareable links. Our reports incorporate images, inspector-narrated videos, supporting documentation, and a customizable summary that makes it easy for you and your clients to understand the condition of the property.

Modern Repair Summary - Customizable Repair Requests

The integrated Repair Request Builder in our Spectora reports makes it easy for agents to request concessions or repairs, based on our findings. You’ll be able to create a complete document outlining every concession or repair you want to bring to the attention of the seller which streamlines the process and saves you a huge amount of time.

Expert Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Our goal is not to alarm, it is to share our findings both verbally and in writing in a way that is easy to understand and offers explanations and guidance. We are patient and friendly and truly enjoy working with first-time buyers (and seasoned pros) who understandably have a lot of great questions. We are always available for follow-ups and encourage (covid-safe) walkthroughs.

When Experience Matters.

Trust the Experts at Doherty Home Inspections

I value quality over quantity. I am not the fastest inspector – but I am definitely one of the most thorough. Read our reviews and see why we are so highly rated and how we take care of each and every client.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

My family and I (like many others) relocated here in 2015 in search of a better quality of life and we have certainly found it in this beautiful and welcoming state. I am a retired NYPD detective and being a licensed home inspector in North Carolina has given me the great blessing of having another career that I love. I spent years renovating homes and have been able to funnel that passion and experience into providing very detailed home inspections.
I am the guy that likes to take everything apart and put it back together just to see how it works.

When we take our dogs for a walk, I am constantly scanning my neighbors’ roofs and siding and the grading in their yard, making mental notes (and sometimes verbal ones which the kids find not as fascinating as me) to share with them later. I assure you that I will be searching in your crawl space and attic because these areas have so many stories to tell. Your whole house gives off clues that are not always obvious to the untrained eye – and these clues can shed light on how the home was cared for and treated.

Each month, I participate in continuing education courses to stay informed and up-to-date in the constantly evolving field of home inspections. My inspections and reports go above and beyond NC standards of practice because you deserve to have more than just the minimum information required. I know very well how it feels to buy and sell a home – although it can be stressful, it really is an exciting time and I feel it is a privilege when you entrust me to be a part of it.

Outstanding Client Service

From Rick: Lori is really the backbone of this family business. Most recently, she worked for 12 years at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York, helping to honor the victims of 9/11 and rebuild Lower Manhattan. As a first responder of 9/11 myself, I can attest that what she and her colleagues accomplished is truly inspiring. She’s been my rock for over 20 years and she absolutely puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

From Lori: Rick and I met in 2000 and shortly after that, we began our first remodeling project together. You find out a lot about a person’s temperament when you’re both covered in plaster dust, it’s hot, and you just realized – yep, that black stuff in the corner is mold.

The fact that we kept laughing (and even got married and had two amazing children) while tackling new projects and renovations and full-time jobs – and then started a business together – must mean we really like each other.

I was really blessed to have played a small role in the creation of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and I met so many amazing people during my time there. Those experiences shape everything I do now and help me connect with the people around me on such a personal level. I have transferred all of that into this family business, and I take personal ownership for every call, every inspection, every interaction that we have. Being a part of this community has been incredible and we look forward to many more years!

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