Dryer Vents

Any Guesses As To What This Is?

Any guesses? If you were to say “FIRE HAZARD” you would be correct! This is a dryer vent that exits outside of the home and it obviously has not been cleaned in a while. Old lint, dirt, leaves, and other debris have built up over time, slowly blocking the vent and preventing moisture, heat, and …

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dryer vent fire


Our home inspections cover A LOT. Typically, we inspect every single room and component inside and outside of your home or prospective home (when accessible). Imagine buying a home and moving in and then realizing the oven doesn’t work, the exterior wood trim is decayed and letting water in, the crawl space lights don’t function, …


open ground

THink New Construction Means No Problems? Can You Spot These Issues?

In a perfect world, brand new homes and homes less than a year old would be flawless. Every nook and cranny carefully created and perfectly assembled. And mostly this is true – builders do really want you to have your perfect home. But important things DO get missed ALL THE TIME. I have never done …

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New Construction

Clean those Dryer Vents!

​Did you know that you should clean your dryer exhaust vent at least once a year (and even more often in larger households)? Nearly 15,000 fires a year are caused by dryer-related fires so this safety maintenance is VERY important. You can hire a professional or you can purchase a kit at a hardware store …

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dryer vent not connected
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