Any Guesses As To What This Is?

dryer vent fire
Any guesses? If you were to say “FIRE HAZARD” you would be correct! This is a dryer vent that exits outside of the home and it obviously has not been cleaned in a while. Old lint, dirt, leaves, and other debris have built up over time, slowly blocking the vent and preventing moisture, heat, and lint from escaping when the dryer is operated. Wonder why your clothes take forever to dry? A clogged vent can dramatically impact the efficiency of your dryer.  And of course, when lint builds up and you add the heat of the dryer, the risk of a fire sharply increases as well.  We’ve highlighted this issue before because it is so simple to fix yet so damaging if not addressed – so go check your dryer vent! And then call us at 919-914-0606 for a whole home maintenance or pre-listing inspection and we’ll make sure you don’t have any other safety issues like this!
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