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Gutter Leaf Guards – Do They Work?

​What are your thoughts on gutter leaf guards? Did you know that even with leaf guards, your gutters still need to be monitored and cleared at least three times a year? It is especially important to check on your gutters in the fall – an October, early December, and April cleaning will help keep water …

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gutter leaf

THink New Construction Means No Problems? Can You Spot These Issues?

In a perfect world, brand new homes and homes less than a year old would be flawless. Every nook and cranny carefully created and perfectly assembled. And mostly this is true – builders do really want you to have your perfect home. But important things DO get missed ALL THE TIME. I have never done …

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New Construction


What’s wrong with this picture? If you said the chimney is missing a chimney cap, you’re right! Such a simple, inexpensive fix. However, if this is left like this, you could be facing one or more of the following issues: Chimney caps keep out birds, BATS, squirrels, and other small rodents. If something crawls into …

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missing chimney cover

Unique Roofs Mean Unique Challenges

You likely wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but the first two photos are of a ROOF. A Mansard-style roof, to be exact. And yes, those are leaves and plants growing ON the roof. A Mansard roof is characterized by having very steep slopes/pitch on each side of the house and a flat or …

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Unique Challenges

Spring Has Sprung – Time for A Trim

It sure is beautiful in North Carolina this time of year. Everything is in bloom, it’s not too hot out (yet), and the clouds of pollen have started to subside. Now that the trees and shrubs all have their leaves, it is easy to spot the ones that are overhanging your roof and touching your …

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foliage on the roof

The Things We Find in Attics

Look who I found behind that screen, tucked away in an attic far from prying eyes. Can you tell by the outline of its pointy little ears? It strikes fear in the hearts (and wallets) of homeowners everywhere … bats. Now bats in the wild are an extremely important part of our ecosystem and play …

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bat in the attic

Comprehensive Inspections

Rick Doherty, NC Licensed Home Inspector, on a roof checking for wood and structural damage. Roof inspections, when safe and accessible, are just one of the critical areas covered in our comprehensive home inspections. Rick moves through your home (or potential new home) foot by foot in order to provide the most thorough inspection possible. …

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Comprehensive Inspections

Gap in the Attic

This home had a significant – but not obvious from the outside – gap in the attic. I discovered it during the home inspection and made sure to alert my client, the buyer. Gaps like this are an easy entryway for animals and insects like bats, squirrels, birds, hornets, etc. If a bat colony decides …

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structural holes

New Year, New Home?

New year, newly built home? Sounds great to us! But just because a house is new does not mean it is without fault. Often we see issues that are not readily obvious and can be missed during the final walkthrough. In this case, a second floor guest bedroom window had a significant crack in it …

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New house raised

Not the Kind of Green Roof You Want

​These roof shingles have a heavy moss growth presence on the front side of the roofline. The moss growth damages the shingle asphalt base and could result in accelerated aging which usually advances at the end of the shingles’ life. Good roof maintenance is KEY and getting regular home and roof inspections is an important …

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Doherty home inspections moss on roof
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