Fire Safety

Go Check RIght Now!

​Did you hear about the actress Anna Faris and her 12 family members who nearly died over Thanksgiving because of carbon monoxide poisoning? The vacation home they were renting had NO detectors. The furnace was leaking carbon monoxide into the home at over five times the recommended level. The safety feature of having working carbon …

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No carbon monoxide

Any Guesses As To What This Is?

Any guesses? If you were to say “FIRE HAZARD” you would be correct! This is a dryer vent that exits outside of the home and it obviously has not been cleaned in a while. Old lint, dirt, leaves, and other debris have built up over time, slowly blocking the vent and preventing moisture, heat, and …

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dryer vent fire


What’s wrong with this picture? If you said the chimney is missing a chimney cap, you’re right! Such a simple, inexpensive fix. However, if this is left like this, you could be facing one or more of the following issues: Chimney caps keep out birds, BATS, squirrels, and other small rodents. If something crawls into …

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missing chimney cover

FIRE HAZARD – Dangerous Electrical PanelS

IF YOUR HOME WAS BUILT IN THE 1960s-80s, CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR HOME HAS THIS ELECTRICAL PANEL:  Federal Pacific(FPE)/STAB-Lok electrical panels are panels that have been the subject of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and consumer concerns related to inadequate safety protection. Consistent evidence has been presented that STAB-LOK breakers have a tendency to become loose …

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fpe panel doherty

Clean those Dryer Vents!

​Did you know that you should clean your dryer exhaust vent at least once a year (and even more often in larger households)? Nearly 15,000 fires a year are caused by dryer-related fires so this safety maintenance is VERY important. You can hire a professional or you can purchase a kit at a hardware store …

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dryer vent not connected


We’ve got you covered, even if your prospective home’s outlets aren’t. Missing outlet covers are easy to miss when they are hidden behind furniture and other household items. Without these covers, electrical wires can be exposed presenting hazardous conditions especially to children and pets. Outlet covers are designed to protect you from electrical shock and …


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