Structural Integrity

Crawl Space Captain

Homes with crawl spaces need extra TLC. Water is the #1 enemy to your home and the entire structure is designed to shed water away from it. When water gets into your crawl, bad things can happen (think rotting support beams, mold entering into your living space). Crawls are dark, dirty, cramped – not a …

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Rick Doherty Home Inspections - Entering Crawl Space

Home Inspection Videos Help Tell The Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes, a video is worth a thousand pictures. In this case, we see a brick support pier that looks a little askew at first glance. But as the video shows, it has completely separated from the wall which can jeopardize the stability of the structure. …

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downspout drainageissues-2-doherty home inspection tips

Unique Roofs Mean Unique Challenges

You likely wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but the first two photos are of a ROOF. A Mansard-style roof, to be exact. And yes, those are leaves and plants growing ON the roof. A Mansard roof is characterized by having very steep slopes/pitch on each side of the house and a flat or …

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Unique Challenges

Now you See it, Now You Don’t…

I could see from the ground that part of the stone ledge above the garage was loose. When I got on the ladder to check it out, I merely touched it and it completely came off in my hand. From that height, this could have seriously injured someone (especially a child) if it had fallen …

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Loose stone ledge

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

​Can you spot the problem here?​We’ll give you a hint… it rhymes with ‘hissing clownsprout’. . . ​. This gutter is missing a downspout (right side). That means that all of the water from rain, melting snow, etc. drains directly into the area next to and into the foundation. As water penetrates into the foundation …

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missing downspout

How NOT to SupPort Your Home…

  This is definitely NOT what you want to see when entering a crawl space. Nearly all of the beams and joists in this home were being supported by very unstable “piers” that have been cobbled together using bricks and other materials (including a doorstop!). These are  temporary fixes at best and very dangerous, as …

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mold in crawl space doherty

Crawl Space 101

The crawl space is one of the most crucial areas a home inspector should inspect. This particular opening isn’t exactly large, but trust us, our inspector Rick has gotten into MUCH smaller spaces (attic openings are especially fun!). A home’s crawl space often contains HVAC components, exposed plumbing pipes, insulation, and vapor barriers and/or other …

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inside the crawl space

Comprehensive Inspections

Rick Doherty, NC Licensed Home Inspector, on a roof checking for wood and structural damage. Roof inspections, when safe and accessible, are just one of the critical areas covered in our comprehensive home inspections. Rick moves through your home (or potential new home) foot by foot in order to provide the most thorough inspection possible. …

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Comprehensive Inspections

Gap in the Attic

This home had a significant – but not obvious from the outside – gap in the attic. I discovered it during the home inspection and made sure to alert my client, the buyer. Gaps like this are an easy entryway for animals and insects like bats, squirrels, birds, hornets, etc. If a bat colony decides …

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structural holes
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