FIRE HAZARD – Dangerous Electrical PanelS

IF YOUR HOME WAS BUILT IN THE 1960s-80s, CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR HOME HAS THIS ELECTRICAL PANEL:  Federal Pacific(FPE)/STAB-Lok electrical panels are panels that have been the subject of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and consumer concerns related to inadequate safety protection. Consistent evidence has been presented that STAB-LOK breakers have a tendency to become loose and experience failure of unit circuit protection. The breakers often do not trip in the event of an emergency leaving the circuit unprotected – this is a SIGNIFICANT FIRE HAZARD.  In addition, this particular home that I recently inspected had frayed rag insulation (see red circle), adding another safety hazard to this situation.  Click this link for further information about these panels and the dangers they pose:
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