Spring Has Sprung – Time for A Trim

It sure is beautiful in North Carolina this time of year. Everything is in bloom, it’s not too hot out (yet), and the clouds of pollen have started to subside. Now that the trees and shrubs all have their leaves, it is easy to spot the ones that are overhanging your roof and touching your siding. This close contact is not good for your house for several reasons – vegetation touching siding and/or roofing can trap moisture, cause wear and damage, and be a conduit for insects. Trimming back all vegetation at least 12″ from the home is recommended. So call your local landscaper today and have him or her give your greenery a little TLC. Your home will thank you!

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1 thought on “Spring Has Sprung – Time for A Trim”

  1. I never knew that branches that are overhanging your roof and touching your siding can cause damage. I believe it’s important to trim your trees to avoid having loose branches falling and damaging your property and hurting your loved ones. Thank you for helping me understand why it’s important to trim your trees.

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