End of Warranty Home Inspections

Did you buy a newly constructed home last fall? Did you know that you should absolutely get an End of Warranty home inspection and that many builders require that if you plan to get one, you must get it before the end of the 11th month in your new home? Builders typically want at least four weeks’ notice to correct any concerns/deficiencies and if you wait too long and don’t give them that four weeks, your warranty will expire without them addressing your concerns.

Even with new homes, I have never conducted a home inspection WITHOUT finding an issue (and often, far more than one). The key is to catch these problems early before they can lead to serious situations down the road. So don’t forget to schedule your End of Warranty inspection at least 4 weeks from the anniversary of your closing. I’ll make sure you know exactly what information to provide to your builder in the form of a modern, web-based report that highlights all concerns.

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