Sneaky Leaks – Dishwasher Dilemmas

dishwasher leak
inkeddishwasher leak
This week I performed two inspections in a row that had leaking dishwashers. When I begin an inspection, I always run the dishwashers on a normal cycle. Since my inspections last a minimum of three hours, I always have a chance to check on the dishwasher during and at the end of an inspection. In both cases, these dishwashers started leaking within 10 minutes, with one of them pouring a significant amount of water on the floor (pictured) in a very short period of time. These issues highlight how important a thorough home inspection is and how much time, money, and aggravation you will save yourself by getting an inspection before you buy. It is my job to find things like this and to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your potential new home and I take this responsibility very seriously. Plus, it is a great feeling knowing we helped our clients and likely saved them money as well.
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