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Don’t Skip a Home Inspection

Any home, new or old, is not without its fair share of structural secrets. Upon first viewing a home it’s easy to get sucked into the exhilarating process of deciding where you are going to place your furniture, what color to paint the walls, and which rooms to decorate first. This is completely understandable. Your home buying process *should* be exciting! However, you might get clouded by that excitement and overlook some important details.

We at Doherty Home Inspections want your home buying process to be a breeze. Part of making the process flow smoothly is securing that home inspection. Even if your future home is a #newconstruction and looks to be in tip-top shape, waiving your inspection is not worth saving those couple hundred dollars. Take our word for it!

Any problems the home is holding onto will only get worse over time and end up costing you more down the road. Have you checked the crawl space? Are you sure that your home connects properly to the sewage system? Are the installations within the home following guidelines and building permits?

You don’t want to learn later on that there are immediate issues with the HVAC system or water damage that went unnoticed. A part of homeownership that can be completely draining is the constant and endless repairs and maintenance. This is unavoidable to a certain degree, but it’s manageable if you go ahead and do that licensed home inspection. This will ensure that any of those issues are negotiated and handled properly. A licensed home inspector will offer an unbiased review of your home’s structural integrity and point out any immediate issues that could be negotiated before the sale closes.

Doherty Home Inspections

Doherty Home Inspections

Offering residential inspections including new build, end of warranty, pre-purchase, pre-listing, and townhouse & condo inspections.

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