Hanging (insulation) by a thread

hanging insulation
Do you remember “hanging chads”?  Well this might be even more cringe-worthy.  Hanging insulation is pretty darn useless (at best), as it is not doing its job of protecting your home and your hard-earned money.  Condensation has made this insulation wet, which causes it to deteriorate and it will eventually fall to the ground.  Wet insulation supports mold growth and insects/vermin, and leads to unfavorable environmental conditions in your home (cold floors, poor air quality, lost heat). Crawlspaces can be dirty, cramped, uncomfortable spaces (with shockingly large spiders in residence) so oftentimes people tend to avoid them, which is why insulation and moisture issues go undetected. Our home inspector is well-versed in cramped crawlspaces and will thoroughly inspect yours to ensure all is well.
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