Sneaky Leaks

leaky faucet
Did you know that our home inspector checks for things like leaky faucets and if there is hot water (he even tests the temperature)? These issues are easy to overlook when a buyer is touring a home because there are so many things on your mind. However, things like leaky faucets are not only a nuisance to discover once you’ve moved in but can become a real problem down the road. Where does the leak start? Is water seeping into the walls or flooring? Should a plumber investigate further? Catching items like this before you buy can save you time, money, and headaches. Call us at 919-921-8400 or book your inspection right on our website and we’ll make sure your faucets are shipshape!
Doherty Home Inspections

Doherty Home Inspections

Offering residential inspections including new build, end of warranty, pre-purchase, pre-listing, and townhouse & condo inspections.

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