One of these things is not like the other…

breaker panel
​Can you spot the difference? It’s a bit hard to tell to the untrained eye. The top right breaker in the electrical panel has been added or replaced. The new breaker is a different brand from the panel enclosure and is not listed on the label of the inside panel (not viewable here). Breakers must be UL listed and certified for each panel to ensure proper operation. The compatibility of the breaker to the panel needs further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor to ensure safe and proper operation of the overcurrent protection systems. This is extremely important because without proper compatibility, the top breaker might not trip if overloaded which can lead to overheating and possibly cause a fire. These electrical panels are one of the many systems that gets checked during a home inspection.
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    A home inspection may not be a most welcome idea for some. To those who have privacy issues, it can be a nightmare. No matter how useless anyone might think this activities are, believe it or not, it can actually save lives. A potential tragic accident can be prevented because professionals can see the problems before they would even start. Most of them don’t provide the service needed. All they do is inspect. This is why there’s a great chance they are giving unbiased recommendations. We should listen to them.

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