Irrigation and drainage
YES x 2. This home gets it right! First up – the downspout has an extension attached to it that continues underground AWAY from the foundation. Having a 3-foot extension (underground or above ground) is a quick and easy way to help keep your foundation dry. We cannot tell you how many homes the inspector sees that have multiple downspouts that drain directly down into the foundation, which can cause all sorts of problems like excess moisture and organic matter (i.e., MOLD) in the crawlspace (just two examples). Second – the bushes near the home are trimmed so that no foliage touches any part of the home. Tree branches, bushes, and other vegetation touching siding and roof shingles causes wear, damage, and serves as a conduit for insects. As in bugs. As in… late night shouts for help to kill the creepy crawly above the bed.
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Doherty Home Inspections

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