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If your home has an attic and/or crawl space, there is a good chance that you don’t regularly go into these areas to check for concerns like water intrusion, leaks, or high humidity/moisture. But we do! This is a critical component to every home inspection and discovering these kinds of issues can save you thousands of dollars down the road and improve your air quality inside your home. Wood moisture content (in things like your joists that support your home) should not be higher than 14%. Levels higher than that start to compromise the wood, leading to deterioration (and structural instability), and – you guessed it – mold. And those mold spores don’t just stay in that area; they travel into your living space and can seriously impact your health. Which is why we also offer indoor air quality testing so that you know exactly what you are breathing in. Home inspections are not only important when buying a house but also for regular maintenance and you should get one every few years for the health of your home – and your family.

Doherty Home Inspections

Doherty Home Inspections

Offering residential inspections including new build, end of warranty, pre-purchase, pre-listing, and townhouse & condo inspections.

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