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Crawl Space Challenges in the Triangle


We see this so often in crawl spaces in North Carolina. Why? Well, we have a very humid climate, which is exactly what mold likes. There’s not much we can do about southern summers. HOWEVER – there is A LOT we can do to combat moisture intrusion, organic growth, and wood rot found in so many crawls. The first line of defense is KNOWLEDGE. Having a home inspection (whether you are purchasing the home or have lived in it for years) is the first step to finding out what is happening in your crawl space. We give you an independent inspection, walk through, and report (we don’t sell you repair services) so you know you are getting totally unbiased information. Once you know what your situation is, you can actively address it. Some common remedies are extending exterior downspouts away from the foundation, installing dehumidifiers in the crawl, ensuring the vapor barriers cover the floor from corner to corner, addressing drainage/landscaping issues, and in some cases, full encapsulation of the crawl. When your crawl is dry, your home is happy. No wood rot/support issues, and no airborne mold getting up into your living area. Call us or schedule online at to take that first critical (and easy) step.

Doherty Home Inspections

Doherty Home Inspections

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