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We spoke about the importance of getting an HVAC inspection. An HVAC inspection is a process of examining the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems in a home. A home inspection is non-invasive, which means that home inspectors cannot damage the house. We do NOT take off panels and remove compressors for HVAC inspections, which would be considered invasive. Our inspectors take great care in handling the inner workings of your home. Check this out! (ADD PICTURE FROM RECENT INSTAGRAM POST) Pictured here is an HVAC Ceiling Vent/Register (Vaulted Ceiling) in a finished bonus room – likely caused by uninsulated duct/or lack of attic insulation. With the fluctuating weather here in the Triangle, HVAC inspections are a sincere must before buying a home! What can go wrong with an HVAC system? Dirty or clogged filters: a result of air passing through. A fix for this issue would be an HVAC control monitor to regulate the air pressure. Temperature fluctuations: not being able to maintain a specific temperature in some regions of the home. We constantly check for dust build-up and ensure the functionality of the thermostat. Leaking refrigerant: Thin metal coils with refrigerant can develop leaks over time. We’ve seen it with our own eyes! Especially if the equipment vibrates when it’s on. Losing refrigerant limits heat transfer and can make your home feel stuffy. There are lots to cover in this area, so stay tuned for more! We are here to assist in inspecting your home and guide you to do your due diligence. Feel free to email us any questions you may have, or we’re just a phone call away! Sources: https://wmtspaeder.com/why-get-an-hvac-inspection/   HVAC Inspection
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