Let’s Talk About Air Quality!

Did you know? The air inside your home can be five times more polluted than outside air. It’s true! Although most of us do our part to keep our indoor spaces clean and free of outdoor pollutants, indoor air quality can be much worse than outdoors.

Most of us are concerned about outdoor air pollution but don’t yet realize the air we breathe in at home could be more dangerous. What are the factors that pollute the indoor air in your home?

It could be:
• Biological agents like mold.
• Radon or pet dander.
• Tobacco smoke.
• Little to no ventilation.

Consider these!

So, you considered and tried out the four potentials.

Take these steps to improve the air quality and reduce the health risks:
• Don’t smoke indoors.
• Ventilate regularly.
• Change filters of heaters and air conditioners regularly.
• Keep indoors clean and dry.
• Adjust humidity.

Have you felt any difference in the air quality?

Sometimes the only solution is to get professional help. In that case, we’re only a phone call away! However, keep in mind that preventative and regular home care can prevent larger-scale issues. You can avoid massive & costly repairs if you take care of the environment inside your home!

How do you keep the indoor air clean? Share your tips below! 

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Doherty Home Inspections

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