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Yet Another Reason to Get a Home Inspection in the Summer

Moving into your newly purchased home this summer? Can you think of anything worse than the AC not working when it’s 95 outside? One of the many items we test is the heating and cooling temperatures at not just one vent per room (the standard), but EVERY accessible vent in the house. This is just

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Schedule Your End of Warranty Home Inspection
End Of Warranty Inspections

End of Warranty Home Inspections in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill and the Triangle

Did you buy a new house last summer in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill or anywhere in the Triangle? Now is the time to schedule your End of Warranty/11th Month home inspection! You’ll receive a very thorough and detailed inspection including advanced tools like thermal imaging, wood moisture detection, and laser thermometers to detect

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Closet Ceiling Stain Doherty
First Time Home Buyer

Pro Tip for First-Time Home Buyers (or anyone really)

Are you a first-time home buyer? Even if you’ve been living in your home for awhile, do this now: Check closet and pantry ceilings for stains. They can alert you to potentially very costly leaks. Even if you are buying a property As Is, finding leaks early is key to preventing significant damage. I check

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Grading issues around New Construction
Home Foundation Issues

Common Issues Found with New Construction Home Inspections, Part 1

This new construction home is supposed to be closing this month. Obviously landscaping/grass still needs to be installed (and the downspout needs to be extended), but another very important issue here is the grading. It is very common to see improper grading in new construction which can and does lead to water intrusion and many

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Home Inspector

Meet Rick & Lori DOherty of Doherty Home Inspections

​​We are a small family business entering our 5th year in business and we strongly believe in QUALITY vs QUANTITY. We provide highly detailed home inspections using next generation web-based software that allows us to include videos in each report. We also utilize technology such as thermal imaging, moisture meters, infrared lasers, and more to ensure you get the

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End of Warranty Inspection
End Of Warranty Inspections

Buying a New Home or Nearing Your End of Warranty?

​I had the privilege of doing an End of Warranty/11th month inspection on this beautiful home this week. I also did the pre-purchase inspection for our client a year ago. As expected, new issues had cropped up over the past year and our client is now well-equipped with a detailed report (with pictures AND videos)

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Crawl Space

What’s Hiding in Your Crawl Space?

​Disconnected ducts in your crawl space can go unnoticed for months (even years). This can lead to unwanted moisture/humidity and inefficient heating and cooling in your living space. Call us at 919-914-0606 or schedule online for a very thorough inspection of your entire home – especially the areas you rarely see.

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missing bollard doherty

What’s Missing Here?

​Do you know what this water heater in the garage is missing? A safety post (bollard). The bollard protects the water heater from vehicular damage (should a car lurch toward it) and prevents the water tank from rupturing. Can you imagine what would happen if 40+ gallons of very hot water suddenly came rushing out all

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Wood decay fungus doherty
Home Inspections

Can You Name This?

Can you identify this white material and why it is a cause for concern? I see this fairly frequently, especially in crawl spaces and attics. You might think it is white mold (testing it would give a definitive answer) but it is most likely wood-destroying fungus. As the name suggests, this fungus actually breaks down

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Tortoise doherty
Animal And Insect Issues

Slow and Steady…

​Hey buddy! Made a new friend at yesterday’s inspection. This tortoise was living a grand life. I’d much rather run into friendly fellas like this than some of the critters and insects I see every day but nothing really phases me anymore (except maybe really large poisonous snakes who think I look tasty). My attitude

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