What’s Wrong with this Crawl Space?

What serious concerns do you see in these pictures and what is the main cause of these concerns? Pictures 1 and 2 are suspected MOLD. Picture 3 is rotted a rotted wood beam. What do they all have in common?  Moisture. It’s the number one enemy of your crawl space and your home and all kinds of bad things happen when it is present. Sometimes it is an easy fix that involves making sure your downspouts drain away from the home and there is a proper vapor barrier on the floor of the crawl space. Sometimes the fix is more involved and costly. But one thing that is always true is that the sooner you catch it, the better off you’ll be and since most people don’t enter their crawl spaces very often (if ever), a pre-listing, pre-purchase, or maintenance home inspection is so extremely important and cost effective.
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Doherty Home Inspections

Doherty Home Inspections

Offering residential inspections including new build, end of warranty, pre-purchase, pre-listing, and townhouse & condo inspections.

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